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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Better bring your umbrella

we have one week left.

after we fly into north carolina, we are going to take a week and a half to get back to portland. the day we get back, my mother flies in. I am so excited for all of it. driving back with Blake. hanging out with his family. eating pizza from trader joes. going to the minnesota state fair. hugging my friends. taking polaroid pictures. seeing my family. being with my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary. sharing our stories. taking blake to see the badlands in south dakota. oh, and eating at pizza luce and seeing target field, spoon and cherry annnnd the global market. I'm so excited for my mom to see portland. she's going to have so much fun. I'm pumped to paint when I get home. I have really missed being crafty.

I have two heavy posts that I want to write, but I'm not in the mood. both of us have been feeling a little tummy-achy. we walked to the store yesterday just to get chocolate. so good.

we are eating three meals a day, hopefully up until we leave. my body is loving that. I'm done with rice though, quite possibly forever. today we had white rice, and I made oatmeal we brought from home. way too much rice for me!

it's been storming pretty heavy every afternoon for the past few days. when the power stays on, it's nice to lay in bed and read while it's pouring.

right now blake is making animal noises with some of the guys. apparently, obnoxious sounds are universal. haha. speaking of Blake, he dropped another bucket on me today. we still haven't broken up. after he dropped it, he went up to our room and put a chocolate on my pillow.

the guys have been super silly in the pit today. it's always so much fun. we like to try and figure out what they are saying, otherwise we just make up silly stuff. the guys that speak english will usually fill us in on what's going on.

we are also feeling really thankful for the boys in the house. they are all so good to us. and so much fun. I have always thought it's such an amazing feeling when you meet random humans and you think ...these people will probably change my life...

also, happy anniversary to my parents today! love you both!

annnnd, have you checked the division standings!?
looks like you are in second place, pierzynski.

- dear blog press, you owe me $2.99 cuz your app sucks. Love, Diana