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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this is how we do..

Word on the street is that over the next few days, we are getting a bunch more folks.
That's fun. Right now, it's just Blake and I, along with an older guy who really doesn't enjoy spending time with us. I think he is down here to work on some life stuff, and getting to know us isn't really a part of that.

Selfishly, i am hoping the guests are paying to stay. Anytime there's a paying guest, everybody gets three meals a day. We have had two meals a day for over a week now, and let me tell you, both my tummy and my digestive system are not loving it.

As of today, we only have eight days left. We have been talking about all the things we want to eat when we get back. Mostly berries and quinioa. Ha. Not very exciting.

On the days we get two meals a day :
Breakfast : a pastry and banana
Lunch : rice and beans (there's always a meat sauce, too)

Most exciting think about being home?!?
No pepto.
Right now, pepto has been our dessert after every meal.
No thanks.

So, let's talk about the progress on the house/lot/deconstruction. (sidenote- cuz I'm thinking about it, we have decided we don't want to move here)

Right now, there are 14 workers, 3 volunteers and 70 buckets.

There are three guys 'down in the pit' (the bottom of the old house. Their job is to break down concrete, pull it from the wall and scoop it into a 12 foot pile of dirt. Five other guys have shovels and fill the 70 buckets with 10-30 pounds of dirt. All the buckets get put on a ledge and we all line up. We all stand a few feet apart and take the buckets up a flight of steps, through a walkway and into another 12 foot high pile of dirt. Once we get the dirt on the second pile, a group of hired workers (not hired by St. Joes) shovels the dirt into a dumptruck. They take the dirt to an unknown location. Nobody I have talked to knows where all the rubble is going.

So thats what we do. It takes about 15-25 min to make a full rotation. From the filling to the loading to the dumping. We do anywhere from 20-35 a day. It's a really good arm workout, and it's always cooler in the afternoon. The workers start at 630am and end at 4pm. (did I write that already?!). We are outside between 645-715am and stay until 4pm.

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