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Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving again? Okay.

almost a week since my grandpa has been gone.
still missing him.
still living with my grandma.

we are leaving here in two days.
heading to minneapolis.
looking at apartments.
going to the state fair!
heading to portland.
selling our stuff.
hugging people.
eating sushi.
driving back.
moving to minneapolis.

man, we have had an eventful two months.

I feel like I haven't even fully processed Haiti or moving yet.
I miss you grandpa.

I am really proud of my family.
their faith and strength is so inspirational.
I have really seen myself in my mother and grandparents this past week.

and my sister, oh Sara.
I am so, so proud of you.
you really do give me strength.

thanks to all the humans that have called, written and sent good vibes. (and blakes fam; the flowers were beautiful. my grandpa would have loved them. annnnnd, you should all be so proud of what a beautiful human Blake is...I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe)

again, thanks everyone.
I am alright.
we will all be okay.

pictures soon, I'm not ready yet.

- dear blog press, you owe me $2.99 cuz your app sucks. Love, Diana