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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

debbie downer, here

debbie downer post.
not interested?
don't read.

I like to think I'm positive, even when things are hard.
I could fuck shit up, man.
not kidding.

we left my grandma today.
went to my grandpa's grave.
that shit sucks, dude.
my heart is not okay today.

went to switch cars with my momma.
my car has gone around the country a lot.
her cars turn.

40 miles out.
leaking anti-freeze.
turned around.
coming back.

selfishly, I want to go to the state fair.
I want to eat my feelings.
I neeeeeed a sense of normalcy.
I want to see dave dahl. and eat cookies. and have my heart lose 20 pounds..

my life has been floating around for over two months.
I haven't brain-prepped moving. or Haiti. or my grandpa. or getting a job.

I have so much to do.
and usually in my life, I have it together.
even if I don't, I'm a good fooler.

I'm a shit show.

please don't think I'm ungrateful. I'm not. not. not.

but today I need a hug.
one of those that crushes your bones.

- dear blog press, you owe me $2.99 cuz your app sucks. Love, Diana