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Friday, August 6, 2010

The rat

Dumb blogger.
I wrote a huuuuge blog earlier with tons of pictures.

So, when the guys are filling the buckets down in the pit (there aren't enough shovels for us to help) Blake and I sit on this patio couch and read.
Earlier, we were tossing buckets and I see this rat, the size of china, run under our couch.
Oh no friggin way.
(I'd rather be a white sox fan than see nasty rats running around)
So we haven't been near the couch alllll day.
And we have seen this rat four times now.
I'm guessing it's a mother, who is building a nest for her nasty little rat babies.
I am not impressed.
The Haitian guys are loving our fear.
Loving it.
I think they see rats like we see bunnies.
No big deal.

On a lighter note, we have a new friend, Anjou. He's trying to teach us English.. He brought us an abrico today. It's this huge melon-looking fruit. Kinda tastes like an apricot. Kinda like a mango. It was really good.

If the power stays on, I'd like to post about the political talks we had with the guys yesterday.

Tomorrow morning, we are taking a three hour tap-tap ride to another boys home in Jacmal. One of the boys is coming with us. We are going to the beach on Sunday. I guess it's really hot in Jacmal, and they don't have Internet.

Also, Becky Johnson! Freaking write yo' daughter!

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