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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sick day!

The Nebraska folks left today. Sad. They were good humans. We miss you guys already!

I didn't sleep well last night (really, if you know me, you know I have trouble sleeping most nights). We have been going to bed by 830/9pm most nights. We have a fan that runs (if the electricity doesn't go out) so that helps with white noise. Actually, it is so loud here. Like New York City, but more with screaming babies, wild hogs and chickens and homeless dogs that fight throughout all hours of the night. Plus, the boys in the house get up at 5am to pray and the sun is out not long after...

Breakfast wasn't appealing this morning; usually I'm super hungry when we get up. I was outside working for two hours and that was it. I couldn't stand it. I barely ate lunch and I have been sleeping all afternoon. (also, now that Nebraska is gone, we only get two meals a day for the rest of the trip)(but, because midwesterners have such great manners, they left a bunch of pb, crackers and energy bars for us)

I'm really hoping I'm fine by tomorrow morning. The first week, our systems were so great and we never felt sick at all. And now, these past two days... Man, our bodies are not happy..

Our drinking water is purified, but the water they use to wash our dishes is rain water. (I'm pretty sure...) also, I wonder if it's just taken a few days for our bodies to realize what we are eating. Regardless, I'd like some frozen yogurt (animal product, I know, I know) and a couple of huge apples right now..

Also, if you are my mother, I AM EXPECTING AN EMAIL FROM YOU!

Better post later/tomorrow. Promise.

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