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Saturday, October 9, 2010

and then, the leaves fell off!

so I am hoping my butt doesnt fall off.
we decided to ride today. a big handful of miles, nothing crazy.
we wanted to go to the farmers market, and blake started taking free creole language classes in st paul and I wanted to ride to an art scraps place.

oh my.
poor planning. we didn't bring food or water.
total milage : 45-48.
wowza. felt good. I'm very tired.
(our neighbors love running in place and singing like they are American idols; which means I haven't slept well since we have been here)

random photos :

look what iiiiii found at goodwill...

we went to the zoo with free passes from the library!

seadragons (and some rugrats finger)

worlds longest to-do list...

not staged.

you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.