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Sunday, November 21, 2010

: daily outfit post :

so, i read a lot of blogs.
a lot of the women are really cool.
and have really great style.

i dont have really great style.

but, i bought my very first pair of skinny jeans the other day.
first. ever.
at first, i felt like a stuffed sausage, but now, i kinda like em.

so, today, i looked cool.
without trying.
totalllllly took a picture.
[this is a big deal for me]
[id love to learn how to look cool everyday]

top to bottom :
hat from a discard pile in my basement [freeeee]
scarf from my grandpa [still miss you]
asu white tshirt from my mama [free]
american apparel hoodie [$30ish]
jeans from converse [$11]
boots are sorel ice fishing boots

today; i am so cool.