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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peppermint tea and Harry Potter

things are good.
I enjoy a lot of things.

I have done four shows in four weeks and have sold a decent amount.
today, I got four custom orders, on top of two orders I am currently working on..

I am riding my bike a lot.
still not eating anything from animals.
starting p90x tonight for round two.
and I am coming back to blogging everyday.
hopefully here and the vegan blog; at least once a day (
annnnnd, I'm restarting project 365; one pic a day, for a year.

I'm excited to go home for thanksgiving.
haven't been home for it in a few years.

dear sara,
I totally love you.
and harry potter.
we (plus blake ward) went to the midnight showing of hp; oh man. my little mind is still blown. I need to see it at least twice more before it comes out on dvd.
anybody else?

also, it's my grandma birthday today.
she's had a hard few months without my grandpa.
(we still miss you so, so much, hans)
but she's doing well and deserves such a great day.
I love you, lavonne.

oh, two more things :
1) I have THE.CUTEST christmas card idea. get ready.
2) I am halfway done with my first scarf ever. It's not crappy. I'm excited. Thanks, Gloria!

you should follow my blog. cuz I am pretty neat.