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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 : recap :

so, i know people that blog blow-by-blow accounts of their year.
but really, those postings are like baby pictures.
only the poster really pays full attention.

and this was a good year, huh?

i lived somewhere for almost a year.
[seriously, one of these years, i am not going to move...]

i shared a bedroom with a boy.
and an address.
and a toilet-cleaning schedule.

i became a bike commuter.

we raised $3,200+, had 200 hundred pounds of donated goods and headed to haiti for four weeks.

we drove from portland to north carolina.
and then north carolina to minneapolis to portland.

in august, i lost one of my favorite people in the universe.
and my heart will never be the same.
[grandpa, i think about you every single day]
[honestly, i get goosebumps and tears just typing this]

i decided to take my hobby in crafting more serious and have been in the business-making mentality for a couple of months.
[so far, so good]

blake and i decided to move to minneapolis.

i lost ten pounds and got my body fat percentage down quite a bit.
[next year, i am hoping to lock in my bf% at goal]

we had a good year.
i feel so lucky.
blake is, by far, the most amazing human i have ever met.
i like lists, and sometimes i need a lot of space.
and sometimes, i get lazy and put my goals above other things.
and every single day, he loves me.
heres to a good 2010.
and an even better 2011.