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Friday, December 31, 2010


i dont really love resolutions.
but, i do have big goals.
[i make goal lists almost daily]

so, what do i want to work on?

1) i want do reach my 18-22% body fat.
[i will get my bf test in march, after we finish this round of p90x]

2) get my website up.
have a bunch of readers.
blog daily.
post new things weekly.

3) buy an slr camera.

4) buy and pay off my apple macbook.
[buy in jan, and have it fully paid off]

5) take a trip to washington dc [to see sho and nick carter!]
and north carolina [to see b's family]
and m.a.y.b.e. go to florida to see the hp themepark.

6) have AT LEAST $4,500+ paid off in loans/school debt

7) sign-up, train and successfully run [and complete!] 2 half-marathons.

8) continue on my vegan journey and get to 98%+ vegan.
[id say i am 90%+ there]

9) find at least one charity/cause to volunteer and donate to

10) [maybe go back to haiti?!?]

heres to a great 2011.