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Thursday, January 13, 2011

: if i had a million bucks, id buy this : week 1 :

[i have been doing really well with blogging]
[these past few months, i have been in the mode of 'createcreatecreate' but i am learning, that i cant be successful unless i balance it out.]
i need to create for myself. create things for my shop. find a plan that works. keep my blog updated. have features that make blogging fun. always be thinking of improving. ect ect ect.

anyways, for week 1 of things i want to buy, i only have one thing.
i love these rings. they are incredible.

so, i love blake ward. and he loves me. we knew after just a couple times of hanging out that we were meant to do all this 'love you forever' business.
at some point, we would like to buy rings, in place of a formal wedding ceremony.
i found these and they are amazing.