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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

: remembering haiti :

so, a year ago today, haiti was rocked with a shattering earthquake.
blake and i went on our first date the day after the quake.
most of our night was filled with talk of haiti; about how i wanted to adopt a baby from haiti, how we both wanted to go ad volunteer this summer, and the politics of the country.

months went by.
we decided that we should be together forever.
raise a bunch of money for haiti.
and make this country a huge part of our lives.

we spent 3 1/2 weeks in haiti this summer.
it definitely changed our lives.
and we still talk about haiti everyday.

here are a few of my favorite pictures from our time there.
[also, please keep haiti in your thoughts. send some good vibes. and if your vibes are worth any money, contact me and i can give you names of a few non-profits that i think are doing incredible work]

over 1.3 million humans are living in tents like these. right now. this second. 365 days after disaster. [too friggin long, if you ask me!]
 we were in this tent city when a torrential downpour rocked this tent. these people live on a hill. and all of this water rushes through the tents. the tents that dont have floors. [think about it]

 this was our job. hauling hundreds of buckets, daily. all full of 25+ pounds of rubble.

 hipstamatic photos :

 our guys. we miss you. all of you. we are always thinking of you.

haiti, heres to a healthy and progressive new year.
[and, if i have my way, we will be seeing you in the next few months...]