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Friday, January 28, 2011

: if i had a million bucks .... : week 3 :

so, im a few days behind.
[totally my life this week]

[fridays are my days to stay home and craft and work for myself]
[so far today, i have redone 15 iphone cozies and i have made 10 sets of coasters, all made from vintage fabric scraps]
[i have also finished my fabric nesting dolls - that post is later today]

both blake and i have been craving sweets like crazy this week.
like, the unhealthy super-frosting cakes.

so for the things i want to buy this week :

see her flickr sets here

and these cupcakes are from martha. [swoooon]

the rest of today = yoga. library. massage at aveda. tagging and more sewing!

later this afternoon, i will post my nesting dolls. [they are so freakin' cute] and i will post my tutorial for next week!