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Thursday, January 6, 2011

jan 6.

so, change of plans.

i still want a new website, but i think that i am going to keep my blog and just make it cooler.

these past couple years, i have been doing a lot of stuff at 50%.
my etsy.
wanting to be my own boss.
my blog.

i am ready for 100%.
its taken me quite a bit of time to really plan and think about what i want and where my goals rest.

so, with that.
i am going to start three weekly features.

1) vegan meal of the week.
* one time a week, i am going to post a how-to and recipe for a vegan meal that i am cooking

2) 'if i had a million bucks, i'd buy these...'
* once a week, i am going to do a post on my favorite finds of the week.

3) 'i want to make this..'
* this one might be the trickiest. early in the week, i am going to post a tutorial / how-to that i would like to try. and then the next week, i will post my finished project.

i am still working on updates, so please, follow my blog and check back often.