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Friday, January 7, 2011

: i totally wanna make that : week 1 :

so, here is the thing.
for the past couple of years, i bookmark tons and tons and tons [seriously] of projects that i want to try.

i thought this would be a fun way to do them.

so, every friday, i am going to post a tutorial or sweet thing that i found somewhere online.
and then i am going to make it.
[or try really, really hard]
and then, a week later, i will post my result, along with a new somethin' somethin' i want to make.

i am excited, cuz i still dont know how to knit with needles, and i am ever so s-l-ow-l-y learning how to use my sewing machine.
we have an entire room for my crafting and it is overflowing with goodness and materials.

so, for this coming week :
'i totally want to make this'

instructions found here

i found this a million years ago.
i am excited to make my own spin on this.

follow along.
if you choose to do something similar, leave a comment.