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Sunday, January 30, 2011

: someone is a busy bee : [buzzzzzzzz]

actually, not.
i made all of these a couple of weeks ago.

today, blake and i went to the como zoo in st paul cuz there was an orchid show.
we had a free pass from the lib. go in. they dont take passes. they only want your money. silly.
so, no orchids. walked around the zoo. stared at the giraffes and zebras. they really are beautiful.

and we took these photos.

i think the white one is my favvvvvveeee.

annnd, i should post pics and a recipe. i took a dairy-overloaded cookie recipe from martha. and made it not dairy-filled. really really good.

what else?
i have a *big idea* that will be up on the 1st.
and you can be a part of it....

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