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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

: february 2011 goals :

 these are things i want to do in february 2011
1) i want to stop swearing [a stressful job and terrible neighbors = too much cursing]
2) do a month of the 30 day shred [blake and i are taking a month off of p90x - i am getting bored and losing my motivation]
3) post 10-15 new items on etsy
4) have 80-90 'likes' on facebook [you  can help- 'like' :dianapantz: on facebook]
5) pay off FIRSTMARK loan and pay another $250-400 on big, super-huge school loan
6) blog 5x+ a week // 20+ times this month
7) send 5-7 'just for fun' packages to people that make my life good
8) start contacting outside places for consignment // working together
9) be good to blake [because he totally deserves it]
10) take care of myself. get a massage. take a lot of baths. listen to pandora. and read good books.

[there is a tab at the top of my blog. i will be crossing off and updating all of these as i knock them out]
[what are your goals?!]