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Friday, February 11, 2011

: i totally wanna make that : week 4 :

this week has been out-of-control crazy!
[anybody else feel that this week?!?]
blake has been sick.
my to-do list was at 2 pages, front AND back at one point.
yada yada yada.

fridays are my stay-home-and-work-day.
blake stayed home today, too.
all sick and cough-y.
bummer for him.

so last week, i decided i wanted to make this
love it.
i made it this morning. it took me about 2 hours, only because i was so distracted by etsy and pandora.

this turned out SO CUTE. i think we are going to hang it next to some spanish artwork in the bathroom. ohhh la la.
and, this is my newest cowl. i love it. the yarn is 80/20 [80% acrylic 20% wool][sooooo soft] [for sale here]