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Sunday, February 27, 2011

: motivation challenge : 4 : 5 : 6 :

blogging break.
busy weekend.

motivation challenge :
day 4 :
i have confidence in relationships
so, its late and my brain is kinda tired, but i will say this : blake and i started watching the bachelor on never seen the show, not familiar. oh my goodness. blows my mind at the lack of confidence these girls have. they all think something is wrong with them. they all 'just want a husband and babies.' they act silly and coy and just want a hot guy to come and save them. barf. breaks my heart.
your job : please please please teach/show/explain to all the small female humans in your life that they are beautiful. and special. and that being independent and confident are so much more important than waiting for a boy to save them. ugh. girls are in a hard spot in this society. its our job to give them confidence and positive skills to learn and grow into wonderful humans.
with all of that : i love blake. i do. i love that he is around. i do. he loves me. and hes soooo good to me. we fit so well together. but i also know that i dont need to be a wife and have a man to be a complete human. we dont need to have a wedding. we are this way, and i love how good we are when hes around.
day 5 : 
i am good at saving money.
today we had a target run. our bill was $86. and then i busted out the coupons. we saved $28. heck yes. i love that i clip coupons and find ways to stretch our dollars.

day 6 : 
i love how environmentally conscious i have become.
another one i could write a lot about. but you dont want to read it all. i have cared about the planet for a long time. but i am learning that i try to support local. and i really read everything i can get my hands on. this is our space. its our job to save this place. to breathe the air. and to know where things come from.

tomorrow : 
*i have 10+ felt food pieces cut out for blakes class.
i am sewing them all tomorrow. pictures will follow.

*i also neeeeeed to finish my last weeks : i totalllly want to make that :  bag.

*annnnnnnd i want to start making some pieces for my new :babypantz: line! this is very exciting. i have quite a few sketches and i bought 10 yards of fabric yesterday. hopefully pictures follow soon.

also, find me here. 'like' me. annnnnnnd tomorrow is THE LAST day to buy something from the shop to donate 40% to world concern for haiti relief. hurry hurry.

[no pictures][thanks for reading]