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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

: motivation challenge : day 3 :

today, i made a monster sale on etsy!
that is very exciting for me.

i have a lot of hopes/plans/anxiety around my future as a business owner/ crafty-human, so its always fun to have a 'high-five! you can do this!' day when it comes to business.

also, day 3.
i know that a lot of different people with different intentions come to this blog, so i dont want this to be too personal, but i will say this : my dad and i have had an extremely trying relationship for the majority of my life. that being said, we have a better relationship right now than we have ever had. ever. and that has just happened in the past few months. its huge. and it makes my heart huge.

today : my dad called. third time in three weeks. that has never happened. ever. in my entire life.
i am so proud of myself for learning how to forgive things that have rocked my being for 27 years. with that, i am so, so proud of my dad for finally seeing what is important in this life.

i had a good chat with my dad tonight. it feels good knowing that i have a sister, two parents and a partner that love me to the moon.

and sara, do you remember this human? hahahahaha.