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Monday, March 28, 2011

: 30 days of lists : days 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 :

i am doing this.
this is the last week!
still time for you to start it.

day 24 : i make lists for

reads : EVERYTHING. month goals. plans. errands. health goals. craft goals. workout sheets. budget. books i want to read. places i want to go. where i need to be financially in the future.

day 25 : things i'd rather be doing 

reads : reading [always]. sewing. taking a bath.

day 26 : books i'd like to read 

reads : haha- i cant list them all. i have 83 books waiting on the bookshelf. i have 7 checked out from the lib AND i have 23 books on reserve @ the lib. [yikes!]

day 27 : lessons learned
reads : BE NICE! use good manners- always. dont go to bed mad. assume cars cant see you when biking. KARMA!!

day 28 : vacations to take

reads : backpack across europe. haiti! african safari. wizarding world of harry potter. RAGBRAI - bike ride across iowa. century ride in nyc.