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Sunday, March 27, 2011

: sundayyyyy :

end of the week = last weekend of march.
[how does that happen?!?!]

today was good.
starting next weekend, i have a billion [yes, a REAL billion] craft fairs/festivals/ect coming up. most of the day today, blake and i worked on new items, tagging, ect ect.
still so much to do, but it felt good to knock a few things out!

and tonight, we went to see the wolves play the celtics.
now, i am not a basketball fan. especially not in minnesota. [the wolves are the second WORST in the entire nba and have been for yearrrrrssss]. but, the seats are super cheap [we have done tons of promos] and its a nice little date for us.

i made 5 pouches today! and i cut fabric for 3 hours!
[takes me f.o.r.e.v.e.r!]
what 'craft-task' takes you the longest?

today =

[psssst : did you see the rad button at the top of my blog?!?]
[whoa. say 'good job, blake']
[it looks SO cute!]