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Saturday, March 12, 2011

: big sale :

well, hello.
ever have those days when you knock a million things off your to-do list and then you look and think 'gosh, i didnt get anything done today'? totally my day. but i did get 7 more books at the library today... [how will i EVER read everything i have checked out?!?!]

anyways, for the rest of the month, all of my winter wear is 25+% off to make way for all the new items i have waiting to go up. if you are interested, go here. sure, its warming up NOW, but in a few months, somebody somewhere will need some cute winter wear. [you might as well buy it now when its on sale...][just saying]

a few of my faves...
seriously, the first two and the last are my faaaaaves. i love them.
[pssssst : you know youd look good wearing these a half year from now..]