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Sunday, March 13, 2011

: 30 days of lists : days 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 :

i am a few days behind. i am doing this. and i think i have a cavity. [totally unrelated to the lists..] 

day 9 : favorite websites/blogs
 reads : too many blogs to list. etsy. vegweb. netflix. martha stewart. craigslist. frugal coupon living. i love linking to other blogs from random blogs. 

day 10 : wishlist
reads : adopt from haiti. keep sewing. become financially stable and independent. become more time- efficient. to take good trips, live a good life and continue to be thankful.
day 11 : date night ideas
 reads : midnight bike tour. sushi date. timberwolves game. mill city museum. bowling. movie marathon. galactic pizza. fancy homemade meal. explore minneapolis. photo shoot.

day 12 :  weekly rituals

reads : workout. nightly walk around the lakes. laundry. squats, push ups and reading before bed. catch up on past episodes of biggest loser and bones. groceries. 
day 13 :  DIYs i want to try
 reads : [actually this list is of thinks i am currently working on...] felt shape board. banner. felt phone. super hero capes. dinos. laptop bag[s]. more mn [and other states!] bags, pouches and onesies. felt food. bean bags. dino tails. for myself : learn to knit with needles!