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Saturday, March 26, 2011

: our secret getaway :

oh, hello.
so yesterday, we packed our bags and blake started driving.
a while ago, he bought a groupon for a one night stay at a fancy lodge in wisconsin.
i didnt know anything.

all i knew is that there were thriftstores, we could be outside and it would take a few hours.
the drive should have been 2 hours.
we hit a 1 hour detour AND we stopped at 5 thrift stores. it took 7 HOURS. haha.
but oh my goodness! we found some FABULOUS finds. tons of fabric. lots of vintage patterns. a sweet bike coat and an ollllld fisher price camera.

we werent able to snowshoe, but we did get to hike a bit.
also, we went in an outdoor hot tub.
[has anyone ever done this before?!?!?!]
so cool.
we were outside in 14 degree temps in a hot tub that was suuuuper warm.
we both wore hats with our bathing suits.
[very silly]

tonight : reading books [or just falling asleep!]
tomorrow : sewing sewing sewing. and then a wolves game!

 best non-vegan cinnamon rolls, probably in the universe. [im not sorry, but my body is NOT a fan]

 this photo is not showing off my hot bod [  :)  ] ... this is what i looked like coming back from the hot tub. haha.

thanks for reading.
what did you do today?