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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

: this is what today looked like :

so, i have tried a few times to do the 365 challenge.
i have NEVER finished it. actually, i have never gotten close. ive done photo projects. and i love to take pictures, but ive never been able to take one photo a day for a year. id love to. its one of my goals.

anyways, yesterday i sorta-kinda started the 365 challenge with the rainy pictures i posted.
[i am not going to label my days, because i am afraid thats too much pressure on myself and then *poof* i'll quit]

so yesterday, we got rain. lots and lots and lots. and a ton of our snow was melted [we've had 4+ FEET of snow since november!] its been warm[-er] and people have been excited.

and today : WHAM! mother nature strikes again. it snowed for HOURS today.

this is what today looked like :

 wheat berries, vegan butter, sea salt and bill cosby. best way to spend baby nap-time.

and look at this cute little baby-butt. leg warmers here.