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Thursday, March 24, 2011

: wanna be in my super-secret [book] club?!?! :

oh, say yes.
say you want to.

so, i love reading.
ive always loved reading. loved being read to [especially by my grandpa!].
our place is about 5 blocks away from the public library, and honestly, we are there AT LEAST 3 times a week.
[i think i have 7 books waiting to be read from the library right now...]
[annnnnd we have a book shelf with 4 rows [read : 50+ books!] of books in our bedroom.

today, i bought *cough* 23 *cough* books at goodwill AND a used book store.
[total cost : $6.49!]

anyways, i have friends that like to read. im sure there are also people that i dont know that like to read. so, lets do it together.

[keep reading]

if you want to be a part of a book exchange : , either email me [[take.a.picture [at] live [dot] com]] or leave a comment.
no specific rules. nothing fancy.
you read a book. and then you pass it on to someone else in the group. and it keeps going. so, we all get to read good books.

maybe you are thinking : but diana, i dont have ANY books at home. i only read books from the lib.
and i will say to you : THATS OKAY! just email me. join in. i pinky promise that i have enough books to get us started.  OR you can take $3 to your nearest thrift store and get reading!

id love for you to join. i think this will be soooooo fun.

here are my treasures from today :

 look at all these great fabrics! look for some SWEET upcycled goods soon.

 look at that great sewing machine book! and huckleberry finn and the odyssey : ive never read either.

 i love kids books. most of these will go to blakes classroom. and OH GOODNESS anybody else read "it looked like spilt milk'?!?! lovvvve that book!

i am lovin' these colors.

ok. come join me!