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Saturday, April 16, 2011

: i totally wanna make that : week 6 :

so i took a couple weeks off from this feature.
but im baaaaaack!

a new kitchen table = a need for new placemats.
how about these?.

i didnt follow most of the directions, but i thought the template was super cute.
heres mine :

i made a pair. the backs are green/white flowers. the front is the red check you see here. i took fabric scraps, cut out the shapes of the utensils and sewed 'em on.
turned out cute. and will add a splash of color to our new thrifted kitchen table. [thanks, mom!]

thanks for reading.
[my readership has been growing, little by little, every day and i wanted to say THANK YOU to the humans that follow, comment and lurk in the shadows]
[i appreciate it all of it!]