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Saturday, April 16, 2011

: weekend snapshots :

i just HAVE to tell you where i went today.

i went here.

very fun.
didnt take photos when we were inside, because there were hundreds of humans turning over fabric like there was no tomorrow.
[and come on, i neeeeeeded to find some fabric]

they had EVERYTHING!
yarn. needles. patterns. old machines [i bid on a 1958 singer; but didnt win]. tons and tons and tons [and tons] of fabrics. buttons. books. 

i bought an outrageous amount of stuff.
and we are takin' yards of fabric for $2 and skeins of yarn for $1.
these are just a few of my purchases.

annnnnd then, we went to a few garage sales [loovvvvve thats its garage sale season in minnesota!] and i bought a bunch of goodies.

and a snack before we went home.

what did you do this weekend?!