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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

: blog i love tuesday : and a few more pictures from the weekend :

did you see my goals for june?
[they are the post below]

anyways, i love blogging. i love lurking reading blogs. and i love being inspired by other peoples pretty pictures and good ideas.

this is dianna.

 [whoa. same name!]
and she blogs over here.
i love the colors of her layout and the cursive font is really sweet.
she blogs about being crafting, reading a lot of good books and all of her fancy cooking.
[90% of what she makes, i cant eat, but i love seeing all the recipes. and one of these days, i will veganize a few of her things and post them over here]

go read her blog. say hello. tell her that her name is really cool ;)

also, here are a few more pictures from our weekend.
[yesterday = brunch with our dear friend emily, a 25 mile bike ride, meeting some friends in the park and checking out the waterfalls. after we got home, i got into 'craft gear' and knocked a million things off the list.]

also, i dont know how i havent mentioned this yet : be we are going on vacation this week!
stop one = washington dc to see my super cute friend sho. and to see THE BACKSTREET BOYS! if you have been reading for a while, or have known me since 7th grade, you know that i am in LOVE with nick carter all of the backstreet boys! we will be in dc for a few days ; hopefully riding bikes, eating vegan treats and doing this workout. seriously.
stop two = north carolina to see blakes family. also, riding bikes. not eating animals. and hopefully not getting eaten by sharks in the ocean.

anybody been to raleigh or dc?
what should we do?
[we are huge fans of the show bones. and blake wants to find the founding fathers bar, although, we are sure it doesnt exist.]