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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

: june goals : and may goals- recap :

hey everybody.

bad blogging = 25 mile bike rides. lots of friend-hanging. and packing for our trip.

anyways :
here are my june goals. and a recap of my may goals.
[if you are new here : i set goals [and rewards!] for myself each month. and i post them here, and on my fridge, to keep me accountable]

in june i want to : 

1) set up a business account that is ONLY used for business purchases and profits. nothing else goes IN or OUT of that account!
*reward :  really keeping track of every penny. helping me to create a 'real business sense'. and to keep me from 'justifying' purchases i dont really need.

2) get a massage [i have a gift certificate that needs to be used] & get a [friggin'] haircut. [its been almost a year! and i have a gift card!]
*reward : take a minute for myself and make myself NOT look like the guy on the bus with the crazy hair!

3) ride bike 12-15 times.
*reward : stronger legs and heart. take time to get my brain together - less stress

4) start training for our 1/2 marathon in october
*reward : more muscle, less fat. stronger heart. and, to beat my goal time for the race.

5) do zumba abs 3+ times a week
*reward : stronger abs = better running posture = faster pace time.

6) sell ____+ items and turn a profit of $____
*reward : pay off loans/debt. grow my business. build my confidence.

7) make new business cards
*reward : continue to build my brand. and to get them done already. i have wanted to do them for months!

8) volunteer 3+ times
*reward : be a better human. and give back. be a bigger part in my community.

9) gain 5 more penpals. [want to be my penpal?!][go here]
*reward : more real world connections in this 'high-tech' universe. ps : i am having SO MUCH FUN with the penpals i have right now!

10) send 15 emails to friends that i miss/want to catch up with
*reward : better connections. it is so hard to stay connected. we are all busy, but its so important to me!

11) donate 10% of all sales : 5% to microloans in haiti and 5% to tornado cleanup in minneapolis/joplin, mo
*reward : each month for the past six months, i have been donating my money to haiti and other causes i care about. i love it. we have so much, compared to so many humans in the world.

12) reach 140 facebook fans and 115 blog followers [you can help][facebook me here] and hit 'follow' over here ------------->
*reward : make more friends. reach more people. and continue to learn and be inspired by others creativity.

13) make 4+ nice notes and leave them for strangers
*reward : i have always wanted to do this! because i know my face would be lit up all day if i found a fun note. i want to make peoples lives cheerier. [is that a word?!]

: may recap :  
1) follow workout plan 90% - move everyday, workout 25-26 days this month
*reward : fit, healthy, stronger, more muscle, less fat [completed with a -4lb loss!]

2) call my grandma 8 times
*reward : continue to be connected 
[called 6/8 times]

3) have 100 blog followers [@55 right now] [you can help : FOLLOW my blog!]
*reward : free sponsorship space
[as of 5.30 : i have 94 followers - this is still really good! i gained over a follower a day! thanks everybody]

4) start saving for a macbook
*reward : MACBOOK  [i am using my macbook right now ;)]

5) bike 3-4 times a week
*reward : stronger legs; less fat, more muscle [i biked 16 times this month!]

6) sell ____ items and create ____ new items [i have two totally new lines i am working on!! eeeep!]
*reward : oh, so many! new products, better skills, profit, people loving items in their lives, ect [I CRUSHED MY GOAL THIS MONTH! in the past 3 months, my sales have QUADRUPLED! that is very cool!]

7) make new stickers and business cards
*continue building my brand
[this is still not done. i have wanted to do this for a few months now!]

8) do ab ripper x 12 times AND run 8 times
*reward : better, better, better
[also, not done. but i did do zumba abs 10 times this month. and walked most days]

9) pay for the person behind me 1-2x [bus stop, grocery store, gas station, ect]
*reward : be a better human

10) volunteer 3x
*reward : better human
[only volunteered twice this month]

 continue working on banishing negative self-talk!
 *reward : positive, easier in life, ect
[i am marking this finished. i have made HUGE improvements this month, but still want to keep working on it. so it will be on my june goals, as well]

may goals : 6/11 100% completed, with 4/11 that were 70+% complete.
[not bad, if i may say so myself!]

what are your goals for the month?
and if you choose to post them, link back, so we can all see them!