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Thursday, May 26, 2011

: craft room redo! :

hey everybody!
[thanks for coming back and reading. i appreciate all of you. seriously]

my mama was here this weekend and we spent some time at ikea [swoooon]

when we first moved in to our apartment [this past october!], i made the craft room 'cute and fun', which is great. but in the past 3 months, my business has more than tripled [YAY!], and my [small] space isnt as functional or 'creative' as i need it to be.

so, we headed to ikea for a few new pieces to make it feel more like a business space instead of just a small bedroom with paintings on the walls.

[we bought:  a super cute hanging chalkboard, and the 4-basket wire drawer for fabrics. i cleared off one desk [it was just full of paint] and now use it as my 'mailing center'. also, i was using a card table from the 1980s for my sewing stuff and it was just uncomfortable. i switched it out with a cheap, longer table, and it fits like a dream ;). ]
all of those things are super cheap and easy, but they honestly make my space feel like a WHOLE. NEW. ROOM.

[that was a lot of writing. i apologize. onto the photos : ]

 why yes, that is a magnet of the twilight werewolf with a speech bubble..

 stop talking, start doing!

 basket organizer for ALL MY FABRIC!

 paint. paint. paint. stamps. buttons!

 basket under the table = projects neeeeeding to get finished.

 this is a little nook in our kitchen. i have an old, old canning jar, and starting filling it with my empty spools. [i just HAAAATE throwing stuff away!]

there you have it. theres a little peek into our apartment!

also, this suuuuper cute journal came in the mail from my southern belle/30 day shredding pen pal mandy. go see her. shes so fun. and how cute is this journal?!?
[also, do you want to be my pen pal?! send me an email. pen pals is SO MUCH FUN!]