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Friday, May 27, 2011

: i totally wanna make that : week 10 : + cute fabric from the linden tree! :

happy friday!
[everybody have a long weekend?!?]

remember last week, i said i wanted to make this laptop case?
[i just bought a new macbook and need a case for biking]
here is mine!

it looks super adorbs from the photo, but i had one problem. I CANT READ DIRECTIONS. seriously. when i sew my bags, i give myself a massive seam allowance. welp, i didnt think about that when i cut the fabric. so when i finished, THE TOP WAS TOO SMALL. [dummy] so, i sewed two strips of fabric and put velcro at the ends, and *poof* the computer wont fall out.
[and really, if i didnt tell you that, you wouldnt even know ;)]

i like it. i think its cute.
and tell me how much you LOVE that fabric!!!

i got it from here.

the linden tree is a super cute place right down the street from us.
they sell great fabric and tons of super-rad homemade crafts from minnesota artists!

if you are in the mpls area, head on over!