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Friday, May 20, 2011

: do you have extra coupons lying around?! : lets help some storm victims! :

hi everybody.

so, i know that we all have causes. we all have things that are super important to us.
i try not to push my important stuff on other humans, but this is SO simple and EASY, that i just had to share.

i love a good deal. and there are a few great coupon sites that i go to everyday.
i ran across the post below a few days ago and decided to help out.

[each month, i give a portion of my sales to TWO organizations that are important to me.]
[one of them is ALWAYS world concern - they do amazing things in haiti, and the other is a new organization each month.]
[for may, we picked an organization that is doing relief work in the south for the tornados and flooding]

here is the post i found in its entirety :

SEND COUPONS.  Send coupons to a collection point in the South (see address below).  Coupons will be divided among seasoned couponers who KNOW how to work the deals, play the drugstore game, etc.  These fabulous people will turn your coupons into PRODUCTS which will then be DONATED to victims in numerous affected counties.
Their goal?  500 items donated
COME ON!!!  Let’s help them BLOW PAST that goal!
Here is some info from Hollie – including the basic concept for this coupon drive and what coupons would be the most helpful:
This week alone 11 items were completely free between 3 stores in my area which gave me this idea.   With an active network of couponers set up in different areas (those affected by the tornadoes in the southeast right now where I am have 5 active networks in place), we can make a huge difference with little cash and little effort by a few people.
11 items free x 6 coupons merchant allows = 66 items free PER shopper.
Multiply that by 10 shoppers in each geographical area and that is 660 items to go to those affected by the tornadoes last week with NO money spent out of pocket (less the cost of newspaper and stamp). Can you see the potential? My hope is to grow this into something that could fill boxes for our soldiers, shoe boxes for angel ministries, homeless shelters, battered women shelters and families affected by job loss.
I am asking all couponers who want to help to gather your coupons for all things hygiene:
Dental Floss
Panty Liners
After Shave
Denture Care
Laundry detergent
Every single coupon will add up to make a difference!
Mail your (non expired!) coupons to:
NorthPoint Church
Attn: Hollie
P.O. Box 444
Adairsville, GA 30103
tonight, blake and i went through a huge stack we had and sent about 45 coupons that will go out in the morning.
if you have a few [or get the sunday paper!!!], send them along.
because, lets be honest : 
we are all in this together!