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Monday, May 23, 2011

: my weekend in photos : and where you can find me today :

hi everybody.
busy weekend = no blogging.

lots of storms and bad weather here.
[a few deadly tornados blew through the other side of town yesterday. scary. heartbreaking.]

my mama has been here the past few days!
she brought us a new [old] bed and a new [vintage] kitchen table!
i sold at my first ever farmers market this weekend.
and we did a lot of cleaning, thrifting,  house rearranging and PLANTING! [finally]
we now have three small pots growing herbs in our window.
[wish them us luck]

 [see the sky?!? yikes]

also, i am over here today, talking about one of my FAVE vegan desserts. [think peanut butter cups...]