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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

: favorite blog tuesday : week 1 :

so, i am still putting off my veg meal post  thinking that i want to start another weekly feature.
each week, i want to feature a blog that i think is really neat/ i support/ just discovered.

i started blogging a really long time ago, but i never told anybody i had one. and then it grew a little more as a way for friends/family to keep in touch when i lived all over the universe. and then, a few months ago, when i decided to turn this hobby-stuff into real-life stuff, i started blogging more and more.

i thought this feature would be a fun way to share the love and build some deeper connections around the blog universe.

today : week 1 : scenic glory!
[scenic glory = lindsay]

i think she is fun. and i am sponsoring her blog this month. her photos are wonderful and her posts are always fun to read.
also, she does graphic design and blog designs.
[id LOVE to learn that stuff!]

anyways, go lurk her blog.
follow her. and tell her shes nice ;)

thats it.
simple post.

who are your fave blogs to read?!