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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

: RIP Killer :

this will be a sad post.
so, a) if you are having the best day ever, come back tomorrow and read.
and b) if your day totally, totally sucks [i hope it gets better!], come back later.

this is harmon killebrew.

he played baseball for the minnesota twins in the mid-60s and 70s.
he was the paul bunyon of baseball. amazing hitter. good guy. great player.

this is my mother.

she loves the twins.
her hero = harmon killebrew.

when she was younger, she got this bobblehead.

[this was way before teams made bobbleheads into specific players.]
she kept him forever and said it was her harmon doll.
well, i came along. and i broke it.
[i was a kid and it was an accident]
[as i write this, i am bawling...]
[get a grip, diana]

in december, harmon announced he had cancer.
last friday, he released a statement saying he was going into hospice care.
and today, he passed away.

sad day for baseball.
we lost a hero today.

i never saw him play [he retired about 8 years before i arrived] and i never met him.
but, i grew up with his stories. and with baseball. i grew up with the bobblehead and trips to the games.

he will be missed.
rest in peace, mr killebrew.