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Friday, May 6, 2011

: free advertising?!! :

i know i did a post on this earlier this week, but i wanted to do one more.

for the past couple of months, i have been sponsoring some really great blogs [more on that later this month..], and i have been thinking,, id love to help smaller blogs, etsy shops and cool bands get a little more exposure...

right now, i am still a pretty small blog myself, but i have been growing and my shop has been doing pretty alright [keep your fingers crossed...], so i was thinking that in the next couple months, i would really love to open this blog up to FREE advertising. its a win-win for everybody.

heres what i need from you :
a) follow my blog [once i get 100 followers, i will open this up to sponsors
b) contact your favorite blogs, small, local bands or really rad etsy shops and let them know.
c) and then let me know. [take.a.picture[at]live[dot]com]

 also, thanks to the folks that have written already!
[and to the followers!]