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Friday, May 6, 2011

: FOUR new bags in the shop! : and somebody bought a new macbook :

and its true.
somebody bought a macbook today.
refurbished. online. should be here in a few days.
oh man, i am excited.
my old computer, ive had for YEARS and its starting to act pretty strange.
this will really help me with better design capabilities for my store and [future!] website.
do you have a macbook? favorite thing about it?!

also, four new bags are up.
i had five, but *poof* sold.
down to four.
check them out.
they are my favorite bags EVER so far.
i am really, really proud of them.

it was soooo nice out today. we rode to the lake and took a few pictures.
and seriously, i cant remember my hair EVER being this long.

anybody have fun plans for the weekend?!
[i do! i do! ill share fun pictures tomorrow/sunday]

be safe.
thanks for reading!