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Sunday, May 15, 2011

: my week in pictures : recap :

i just wanted to give a huge high-five to all the great humans that have been commenting, emailing, purchasing and being really nice to me. i really, really appreciate it!

this is what this past week looked like :

 i FINALLY got a new computer! one that wont ruin my files and freeze every 30 minutes!

 we took a mini-vacay up north and went to gooseberry falls, and a few lovely lighthouses.

 so, we stayed at the cove point lodge. we got a groupon a few months ago. get this : we paid $110. we got : a suite with a deck, a jacuzzi, a fireplace, a $50 meal credit, a free bottle of champagne, amazing views, great service and a free breakfast. seriously, best deal ever! i highly recommend them if you are ever looking for a sweet trip to duluth, mn.

 next weeks : i totally want to make that.

 this weeks : i totally want to make that.

 and, some of you know. some of you dont. in the next couple years, blake and i are going to start the process of international adoption. ever since our second date, it has been what we want and what we believe in. we love haiti, and that is where we want to adopt from. anyways, we found this super cute toddler sweater at goodwill a while back and i have it hanging on my wall in the craft room. looks so cute.

 today : volunteering, neighborhood spring celebration, tons of sewing, a few errands and a trip to the post office!