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Monday, May 9, 2011

: a sneak peek at what i did tonight :

happy monday [night!]

sweeet haul at goodwill = tons of new projects.
i cut enough fabric for NINE bags today!

and i made these!
and i got to hang with this girl [who is so outrageously crafty!]
[want a state that isnt minnesota? send me an email!]

i almost forgot! head over to facebook and 'like' dianapantz'! i am thisclose to 100 fans. once i hit 100, i am planning a super fun [facebook] giveaway! [tell your friends]

see you!

[also, the pen pal list is growing [and growing]. there are a bunch of folks that have joined. if you want rad, crafty friends, send me an email with your address and we can all be pen pals!]