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Monday, May 9, 2011

: walnuts : headcolds : thunderstorms : [oh my!]

remember on saturday, i went to bed early??!
i thought my body was pooped from riding and being in the sun for 10 hours!??

pretty sure i was wrong and my body is just sick. seriously, i eat 3 oranges a day!

yesterday was low key. i would tackle big projects cuz i like to cross stuff off my to-do list and then i would need to sit down and take a break for 30 minutes.

i got a lot done!
this morning, we were woken up at 5am to HUGE THUNDER and hail.
ya know, i just moved back to minneapolis last fall after being on each coast for a couple of years, and storms in any other part of the country arent the same.

yesterday, i cracked open 150+ walnuts. with a hammer.

if you sent me an email wanting to be pen pals [thanks!] check your mail soon!
and if you are still interested in being pen pals - send me an email with your address

also, happy belated mothers day to all the women that have had humans!
and to my mama. and my grandma. [blakes mom, too!][she did a great job raising a beautiful mister]

 i dont know if i have seen this picture before, but its hillllllaaaarious.