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Saturday, June 25, 2011

: i am looking for JULY sponsors:

is it going well?
[i hope so]

i knocked quite a bit off my to-do list today.
our long bike ride is rescheduled for tomorrow.
also tomorrow = pride festival! two hour zumba-in-the-park! and FINALLY getting packages/letters out to my penpals. AND baking some goodies for blake. [and me, lets be honest..]

its almost july.
[its STILL cold and cloudy in minnesota!]

if you have a cute blog. a cute shop. a fun craft [web design]. or a rad band.
and you want more exposure.
and you dont want to pay for it.
sponsor :dianapantz: in july!
send me an email!

i am looking for 4-6 fun, cute, crafty blogs/shops/folks to showcase.
as a sponsor, i will be doing an individual post about you and your blog.
[dont have a blog button? its okay. i blake is very nice and can whip one up for you!

i have fun things planned for july and my blog is growing [almost] every day!
this is a great time to hop on the sponsor-wagon and get more exposure.

[yes i am wearing a harry potter snuggie...]