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Saturday, June 25, 2011

: wanna see whats in our CSA box? :

woo hoo.
if you have read for a while, you know that blake and i belong to this csa.

for the summer share :
we get 18 weeks of fresh veggies.
each week we go to the co-op [a block away!] and pick up our box.
what we get is dependent on the weather, the crops, and other environmental factors.
each week the boxes contain different items. its like a big birthday-in-a-box!
[so far, each box has contained 8-12 items and weighed 6-8 pounds]

also, we get 9 [i think?] fruit pick-ups. every other week when we go to pick up our veggies, there is a fruit box, too. [because of the mn weather, the early fruit comes from organic farmers in other parts of the us, but once summer season is in full-bloom [pun?], our fruits will come straight from our ground.

now, i wont go into details but you know how much i love eating local, sustainable and fresh. love it.

here is what we got this week :

spinach. asparagus. peppermint. scallions. fennel. red radishes. lettuce mix. dill. red russian kale.

and fruit.
[are you ready?!?!]

[holy berries, batman!]
[i already ate a pint]

so, any recipes you want to send our way?!
[and dont worry if its animal/dairy-based, i can make anything vegan ;)]