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Friday, June 17, 2011


hi everybody.

i have a couple of fun things to post today!
[be on the lookout for a bunch of posts!]

first, check out amys blog.
she is super cute and she has a really great singing voice.
[check out her youtube link]

a couple weeks ago, she won one of my market totes and posted about it on her blog.
it looks so cute!

you wanna win a bag for yourself?!
[sure you do]
head over here to caitlins blog.
i sent her a bag to keep [and review] and then i am giving one bag away on her blog!
go over and check it out.
there are tons of [easy] ways to enter!

if you are the winner, you can choose a bag from my shop OR you can choose from a few bags from my super-secret stash [ohhhhh!]

here are a few of your choices :

 go over and enter.
id love to see one of my readers WIN!

[next post = tons of green veggies, new hair and my diy!]