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Thursday, June 16, 2011

: i love zumba :

i do.
i love zumba.

do you do it?
tell me your thoughts.

i tried zumba about two years ago when i was living in portland.
the first 6 or 7 times, i felt like the kid in the back of the classroom that still doesnt know left from right.
i was SO frustrated. im not a dancer. and my hips DO.NOT.SWIVEL.

about three months ago [after 7 zumba-less months], i signed up for a spring zumba sess from our local community ed. our love our instructor. shes so fun!

after spring session ended, tiff started a summer session.!

my favorite thing about zumba?
its for everyBODY.
our class has about 20-30 women [and one guy!] and we have a few women in their 60s! [which is SO cool to me] and we also have tons of different body types. i love that.
i am such a huge fan of health and positive body image. i love seeing people come together and getting healthy.

and, because i cant get enough : i bought the 5-disc zumba dvd set.
so much fun.
i do the zumba abs routine [16 min abs] a few times a week, and i do the dances 1-4 times a week [depending on my other workouts].

i have got to say : zumba really does change your body.
for me, i am not interested in crash dieting, taking pills or starving myself [is that the same as crash dieting?]. i also think its dumb to overwork your body after everything our bodies do for us... but i do think is so important to challenge your body and to be healthy inside and out.

zumba is so great for your core. and your legs [seriously : your legs will get SO lean!] and its great for your arms and shoulders.
and who doesnt love shaking it to some great pitbull songs?
[i do wish there were some backstreet boys zumba dance routines]

do you zumba?
what is your favorite way to sweat?

[today = a fun photo shoot for my new line ['lil bow pantz!!], and a much needed haircut [its been a YEAR!].
tomorrow i will share my new hairs, some fun photos AND my tic tac toe board.
[and maybe a discount code..]