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Sunday, June 19, 2011

: new business cards [finally!] :

i am so excited for these.
blake has worked super hard to make these.
we came up with the concept, and blake created everything.
[hes so great!]
[and patient ; with me, and all the computer issues that came with these cards]


i love these.

see the black box in the corner of the second photo?
do you know what that is?
its a QR code.

whats a QR code?
its a barcode-like reader that can be picked up with any smart phone [blackberry, iphone, droid, ect]

how do you get the QR code reader?
you head to the app store and download one for free. just type in 'QR code' in the search and it should pull up. download it and go to town ;)

what do i do once i have the reader?
flip through your magazines, look on billboards and signs in stores. scan away.
[scan my card, too!]

where will the QR reader take me?
ohhh. this is the fun part.  the reader will take you wherever the merchant wants you to go. so, maybe a youtube video highlighting their product. maybe a free sample, or maybe it will take you directly to the site/store.
my QR code links directly to my etsy.
*one night;  my mom, blake and i went through tons of magazines and 'QR-ed' every code we saw!*

tell me, have you seen QR codes?
do you have the reader?
do you think they are cool?
[i think they are very cool!]