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Saturday, June 11, 2011

: photos of the day : biking!!! :

yet another quick blog post..
(please keep reading; my plate is just overflowing right now ;) )

anyways, to celebrate our first day back home, we took a 20 mile bike ride!
this week is bike walk week in minneapolis and they have had tons of fun events planned to raise awareness. today, they showcased a brand new bike boulevard (it's a lesser-driven street for cars, but tons of space and signage for bikes.) we took it down to the river.. and just kept riding.
(as a bike commuter who LOVES the planet, I will def be dedicating a post to commuting!)

here are a few of our photos from today :

(and, I cut 11 bags today!!! yay for new stuff. look for those sooooon!)


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