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Monday, July 25, 2011

: housekeeping! :

hey everybody!
happy monday.

i have a few "house-keeping" things to go through.

a) sponsors : 
its almost the end of the month [how does this keep happening?!?] ;) and i am looking for a few more sponsors.
spots are FREE for first time sponsors : send me an email if you are interested.

b) bikers : a few weeks ago, i posted here looking for folks that ride bikes and want to tell me [and my cool readers] about it. you ride a bike? are you cool [you know you are..]? send me an email!

c) week goals : ya know my july goals? well, i am not doing well this month. to try and stay on track, here are my goals for this week : [wish me luck]

1) do 25 push-up a day, FIVE days this week
2) do zumba abs, THREE days this week
3) run, THREE times this week
4) cut, trim, iron, package, mail ALL ties
5) mail ties AND wreath
6) sew ALL pantz ; take photos, mail
7) call dana
8) paint window, post
9) cut, pin, sew ALL BAGS [7-10+]
10) post ALL july/august goals
11) do 4 inspiration posts [pre-post] : i have a NEW feature that i want to get moving
12) start 100 sales giveaway [this will be cool!]
13) ties for melissa
14) contact 5-10 people for plan

*i know that a) there are tons of goals here and b) most of these dont make any sense to most of you*
* i need them for myself to stay accountable right now*

d) pinterest : i have one. do you? be my friend.

have a great day!